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Mulching can be very heavy work, but no worries, we are one phone call away from taking that stress off your mind and body! Below, are some of the procedures we follow rigorously to provide top quality results!


At the bottom of this page, on "Our Latest Work" there is a video in reference to our edging. Make sure to check it out!

Trimming Bushes and Hedges

     Having all your plants trimmed neatly can add character to your home! We recommend every homeowner to at least trim all their plants twice a year! Whether you are trying keep them from hitting the house or are trying to form privacy from the neighbors, you should shape your bushes from the beginning. Just like training a pet, it is always easier to get them to where you would like them to be if you start from the very beginning. 

New Beds and Plants

Planting is sometimes not as simple as it sounds. With A&E, we can provide you various options whether you would like to add color, or low maintenance plants, or a privacy around your deck! 

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